The Human Becoming Theory: The Quality of Life

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The Human Becoming Theory: The Quality of Life

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Because the human becoming theory is final.

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he main focus of all nursing interventions is to improve the quality of life among patients who are suffering from diseases. Unfortunately, the predominance of the biomedical model has restricted healthcare providers’ approach to a mechanistic model. Human beings are considered machines and treatments are done to fix the faulty parts (Parse, 1996). On the other hand, the Human Becoming theory of nursing has a distinctive approach towards patients’ care and improving quality of life from patients’ perspectives. Parse (2006) considers humans as unitary beings, as co-authors and co-participants in living their lives. This idea of nursing care has brought nursing practice to more client-centred care (Parse, 2006; Mitchell, 1992). Ms. Kareem, a 72 year-old client, was reported to the facility with asthma exacerbation. Ms. Kareem is a non smoker; she had her first asthma attack back in 2006 while she went to spend summer vacations in a trailer. The client has been interviewed for her personal health description, intents, and priorities. A pseudonym has been used for the client in this paper. The focus of this paper is to explore the nursing care guided by the Human Becoming theory, biomedical care, and how these two models of care can go together to improve patients’ quality of life.

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